Cookie Policy

We are required by EU and UK legislation to display our cookie policy, below is a rundown of our use of cookies from CSB.

By using CSB systems or web site you consent to the use of client side cookies, cookies are a small text based file that is stored by your web browser. This file can be used to store small amounts of data on your local system. CSB use this method to remember some details about your visit to our site. An example of this is the use of session cookies, with this we can reload a page retaining form data (as example) that you spent time filling out if the form has an error in it. This would save you time having to fill the form out again.

A second example could be if you when to log in to one of our systems a cookie could be used to remember that you have logged in and keep your session active, removing the need to log in multiple times.

You can opt to disable cookies from within your browser but this would impact the performance of our pages to you.

If you have any questions regarding cookies or terms of use regarding CSB systems or web site, please use the contact us page to drop us a line.

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